OK, you’ve installed the Beaver Builder plugin on your WordPress site. And you’ve installed a WordPress theme – If you have the Pro or Agency version of Beaver Builder, maybe you’ve installed the Beaver Builder Theme and child theme. 
The following sections show you the basic concepts underlying content layouts with the Beaver Builder plugin, the parts of the page controlled by the theme, and how the Beaver Builder theme integrates with and enhances the plugin.
Beaver Builder Plugin
The Beaver Builder plugin installs the front-end UI designer called Page Builder, which gives you a WYSIWYG view of the content area as you develop it. 
Start with a layout template or a blank page
When you  start Page Builder for any particular WordPress Page, you’ll have a choice of landing page and content page templates, both of which fill the content area of the page (not the theme areas). Or you can choose a blank template and add your own layout from scratch.
If you select a pre-designed layout template, you then can start customizing the layout by changing rows and columns, and adding, editing and deleting modules. If you select a blank template, you start adding row and column layouts and content modules. You can acan just start dragging layouts and modules over to your page from the Add Content area that appears on the right. 

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